Missed Pick-up Day Policy

We understand that folks lead busy lives, and we will try to accommodate you in the event that you miss a share pick-up. (*Note that this policy does not apply to Floating Shares)
Our policy is that we can accommodate 2 pre-planned missed share pick-up days.
We request that you give us at least 48 hours advance notice so we can plan ahead. In the event that you miss a pick-up day due to a vacation, etc., you have a few options:

​ 1. Ask a friend to pick up your share for you on pick-up day 
2. Ask that we pre-pack your share to be picked up later in the week from the farm

 3. Ask that we give your share away to someone 

If you are picking up your CSA at our Missoula drop, please take note of the following! In the event that you forget to pick up your share, we will not be able to hold it for you!  If you forget about a pick up, we will first make every effort to contact you to see if you or a friend or family member is around to pick up your share after hours. If we are unable to contact you, we will give away your share. We are not able to bring shares back to the farm for you to pick up at a later date once they have been delivered to Missoula. People forgetting to pick up their shares from our Missoula CSA drops presents a huge logistical challenge for us and we strongly encourage you to sign up for our text or email reminders to help you remember to come to pick up every week. 
Note that if you miss more than 2 pick-up days and have not communicated with us, we will assume that you are no longer coming and will stop bringing your share to pick up. Shares are non-refundable. If you are paying by installments your deposit and payments to date will be non-refundable. If you are on the SNAP/EBT pay schedule, your payments to date will be non-refundable.
*Special note for SNAP/EBT shareholders: If you have someone pick up your share on your behalf, either they must pay for your share at the time of pick-up, or you must pay a week in advance. We can receive SNAP/EBT payment up to 14 days in advance of pick-up.