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Missed Pick-up Day Policy 


We understand that folks lead busy lives, and we will try to accommodate you in the event that you miss a share pick-up.


Our policy is that we can accommodate 3 missed share pick-up days. This same policy applies to egg shares. In the event that you miss a pick-up day, you have a couple of options:

​ 1. Ask a friend to pick up your share for you

 2.Request a double share the following week


We request that you try to give us at least 48 hours advance notice so we can plan ahead. However we do realize that things come up at the last minute, and occasionally, sometimes people just forget! In these cases we appreciate getting a phone call from you, just so we know what's going on.


Note that if you miss more than 3 pick-up days and have not communicated with us, we will stop bringing your share to the pick-up point. Shares are non-refundable.


If you choose the Pay-as-you-go payment option, your deposit will be non-refundable in the event that you miss more than 3 pick-up days. If you choose the Pay-by-Installment option, your payments to date will be non-refundable, in the event that you miss more than 3 pick-up days. 


*For missed Pay-as-you-go shares: If you have someone pick up your share on your behalf, either they must pay for your share at the time of pick-up, or you must pay a week in advance. We can receive SNAP/EBT payment up to 14 days in advance of pick-up. If you elect to receive a double share the week after you are away, you must pay for both shares at the time of pick-up.