Share Sizes


*Feeds a large family that cooks 3-4 times a week, or a small family that cooks every night of the week. Pick 7-10 items (varies seasonally) from a selection of 8-15 possible choices, or we pre-pack for you.


*Feeds a couple that cooks 3-4 times a week, or an individual who cooks every night of the week. Pick 5-8 items (varies seasonally) from a selection of 8-15 possible choices, or we pre-pack for you. 


Get a taste of the CSA without the weekly commitment! Floating shares pay for 9 weeks of a Full Share in advance, and come to pick up on 9 days of their choosing. No need to give us advance notice. Note that floating shares can only be picked up at the farm on Saturdays.

*Bear in mind these are guidelines! Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions about which share option is right for you.


We have 3 different payment plans to choose from.
We are proud to be authorized SNAP retailers, which means you can use SNAP/EBT to purchase a CSA Share from us. We are also participants in the Double SNAP Dollars program. SNAP customers who sign up for a CSA share with us will automatically be eligible to receive Double SNAP Dollars. 
If you would like to use SNAP to pay for your CSA Share, please let us know when you sign up! SNAP recipients, please choose the Pay-as-You-Go option for payment.


Share is paid for in full by June 4th.

You may also choose to pay for your share earlier in the season, which helps the farm out with upfront costs such as seeds, fertilizer, and other farm expenses.


Share is paid for in full by August 6th, in three installments:

June 4th non-refundable deposit to secure share is due
$30 Small Share/$50 Full Share/$50 Floating Share

July 9th first installment due
 $100 Small Share/$200 Full Share/$100 Floating Share

August 6th final installment due
$170 Small Share/ $250 Full Share/$100 Floating Share


Share is paid for on a weekly basis, at time of pick up (SNAP recipients, please choose this option).


$28/week for a Full Share, $20/week for a Small Share

Since we participate in the Double SNAP Dollars program, we match half of this cost if you pay with EBT. For example, if you purchase a Small Share with EBT, you will swipe your card each week for $10 and we will match the other $10. So you get double the value!
*Because you are not paying in advance with this option, we ask that you pay a deposit of $50 (Full Shares) or $30 (Small Shares) by June 4th to secure your share for the season. This deposit is refundable and will be returned to you upon completion of the CSA Season. If this deposit is cost prohibitive, please feel free to contact us and we will happily discuss other arrangements.