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2023 Farm Store Loyalty Memberships 


Your purchase of a Farm Store membership helps your farmers with early season cash flow. Your investment in us will pay for seeds, new store inventory and other annual operating costs in the winter and spring. In return, you get a 15% spending bonus, and a little bit of extra convenience!


  • Valid for ALL products at the Glacier Tilth Farm Store
  • Pay in advance and use your balance when shopping at the Farm Store during the 2023 season (approximately April 15-October 15)
  • Members receive a 15% bonus which is applied to their account balance automatically at purchase
  • Don't worry about bringing cash to the Farm Store! Pay with your membership every time. We will track your balance for you and you will be able to refer to your balance whenever you shop
  • Memberships are not refundable and must be used entirely before the end of the season (October 2023)

Farm Store Loyalty Membership

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