Our beef is raised on pasture right here in Dixon, Montana. 


Note that the price listed here is a deposit Deposits secure your beef share until harvest time, and the remaining balance will be due at delivery/pick-up. The cut off for sign-ups/deposits is November 1st. We will coordinate with you at the end of November or beginning of December to arrange pick up or drop off.  


The prices below are for cut and wrapped meat. Total take-home meat from a whole beef can range from 350-500 lbs. 






1/8 BEEF SHARE (45-60 lbs of meat)

1/4 BEEF SHARE (85-125 lbs of meat)

1/2 BEEF SHARE (175-250 lbs of meat)

WHOLE BEEF SHARE (350-500 lbs of meat)



Some customization can be possible (i.e. ratio of stew meat to ground meat) but a typical 1/4 beef might include:

  • 30 steaks (depending on thickness, which may be customized)
  • An assortment of roasts
  • Stew meat, if desired
  • Ground meat
  • Soup bones and offal (available at no extra charge)


We will contact you after we receive your order to go over customization options. 


Pasture Raised Beef Share, Rocking MW Ranch