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Matthew Whyatt 

Anna Elbon 

Matthew Whyatt and Anna Elbon met in the Northeast, where Anna was farm manager for Phillies Bridge Farm in New Paltz, NY and Matt worked as a carpenter in the area. They've been working side by side ever since. In addition to their love of farming, they share an affinity for old-time music, remote northern places, wool, and country ham with red-eye gravy. 

Anna originally hails from Kentucky, but has worked on farms in Tennessee, New Hampshire, New York, Quebec, and now Montana. 

She received a degree in Agricultural Sciences from the agricultural campus of McGill University, outside of Montreal, Quebec. While at McGill Anna was fortunate to have met a crew of several talented and inspiring Canadian farmers, who made her realize that is indeed possible to make a living farming. She is continually inspired by the generations of folks who have made their living working the land, including her own family members who once farmed many decades ago in the hills and hollers of Kentucky. 

In her free time, Anna knits and plays the fiddle.

Matt grew up helping out on his neighbor's grass-fed Angus beef farm, one of the last multi-generational working farms in Putnam Co., NY. He has had a few different job titles throughout his adult life, but has always maintained a foot in and a passion for agriculture.


He currently works on a 400 cow ranch in Ronan, MT. He provides invaluable tinkering, cobbling, and sundry mechanical and building skills at the home farm, when he isn't wrangling baby calves.